40 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. Overthrow a corrupt communist government
  2. Overthrow a corrupt capitalist government
  3. Tour the world
  4. Publish an uncensored newspaper
  5. Release an album
  6. Invent a new word and see it in the dictionary
  7. Save someone's life
  8. Be the WWF champion
  9. Be the world heavyweight champion in boxing
  10. Be the world chess champion
  11. Write a novel
  12. Be a guest on Jay Leno
  13. Be a guest on David Letterman and make fun of Jay Leno
  14. Revive Politically Incorrect as the new host
  15. Command a military force in World War III
  16. Put everything I own into monetary assets (cash)
  17. Put all monetary assets into a Swiss bank account
  18. Stop writing this list
  19. Buy Mazda back from Ford!!!
  20. Build a wearable computer (and wear it)
  21. Beat AnacondaHL at Starcraft
  22. Try pizza from every pizza place in New York City
  23. Own a bagel shop
  24. Be the head chef at a restaurant
  25. Own Cuba (buy it from Castro)
  26. Use Cuba as a nuclear testing ground
  27. Get keyboard lessons from Ray Manzarek
  28. Head the Saturday Night Live Band
  29. Host Saturday Night Live
  30. Create a cartoon featured on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block
  31. Live in an underwater city
  32. Live on Mars
  33. Terraform it first
  34. Using that terraforming machine (Genesis) from that Star Trek movie
  35. Steal most of Bill Gates' money
  36. Live in an abandoned missile silo
  37. Retire and do nothing
  38. Grow everything I eat
  39. Do something to the IB coordinator's car
  40. Shave my head