What am I? (A short explanation of human existence.)

I am a human. I am one form of the idea human among billions. I am not moral, but ethical; I follow my own conscience and not any external moral code. I am a notheist. Which is to say, I am neither atheist nor theist, nor am I agnostic; I simply choose to ignore the God question entirely. I want to become who I am. I want people to say nothing when I am old and gray; I wish only that they shall remember me fondly. The most important thing to me is probably myself. Maybe that's shallow, but what else do I have to live for? I have a penchant for the ridiculous; when life gets too mundane or ordinary, I arbitrarily change something, despite the consequences. I view success not as a worldly persuit but as a question of happiness; I don't believe money is necessary for happiness, and therefore for success either. I have a sense of aesthetics that prevented me from buying most cars within my price range, and I ended up with a Mazda MX-6. It's impractical and falling apart, and I'm broke, but it looks really good! When I'm not sleeping or thinking (or both), I'm playing computer/video games or writing software. I validate my own existence through other people. Sometimes I wonder whether I would even use a computer at all if not for the internet and its unbelievable capacity as a communications medium. I'm considering studying computer science in college, but I don't know if that's what I want to devote my life to... it just happens to be what I'm good at.