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Breathing, smoking (contradictory, I know), eating, most anything superficial...
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User's bio. Man, I hate essay questions...

Hatched 11/01/69 (Official b-day classified); schooled, worked and lived within a 50 mile radius of Denver, CO; the latter two being Avaya Communication and Aurora, CO.

'Lived', btw, is defined as having to get an ID card / driver's license in a new location. I've traveled some: Tokyo, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, San Jose, Las Vegas, Chicago, Hawaii, drove to St. Petersburg one time passing thru a mess o' states (Tennessee sucks, no offense), and... well, that's about it, actually.

Now, I lead a relatively boring life. Work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Lesse, I'm a notary in CO, and a reverend (as the name probably indicated, huh? Sheesh.) Also known as the 'Master of the Obvious, Deceiver of None'.

I'm gonna quit while I only have one foot in my mouth. If y'all have any questions, /msg me...

P.S. Lurk first, write intelligently later...