Today was the winter dance (rescheduled from January 29, 2000). I didn't go to it with kat2003; rather, i went with Emily, a very cool person vaguely described in February 28, 2000. She rather flagrantly flirted with a pimp... although i have no "claim" to her... ugh. I think that from now on I should just be platonic in my relationship with her. Now, I get to see if I can actually carry this out. I feel depressed. She asked me to the dance, and she did dance with me, but if i recall correctly she actually hugged him more than she did me, and, and, and,... I have a profound sense that I am not important.

Had a short conversation with that guy... he says that i can't take anything that Emily does personally.... I still don't know what to think, do, say, or feel.

It reminds me of a line... "Then let's get married and be... desperately unhappy together?"

Sure formula for getting depressed: read too much into any situation. I'll go to sleep now and hope I feel better in the morning.