today was a long rehearsal of the bach chorale. fun. bill was happy. he said, "wow, some of you actually took your music home and practiced it!" lessons and carols is tomorrow. fun.

kat2003 and i communicated via aim for a bit. boring conversation. now that she's broken up with a friend of mine (with an eventual goal of going out with me... i'm happy about that), we have nothing interesting to talk about. perplexing.

now rain is over. we compute and soon we'll watch a movie. it'd be nice if kat2003 would come over for the movie. if not, i'll probably not see her until wednesday, when i'll go over to her house to "study biology" (we might actually study biology; i'm not sure of her intentions. i know we will be exchanging christmas gifts, which are rather too private to stick under some tree).

the best christmas gifts are always found at big lots (or odd lots, as the case may be), or at a thrift store.

-=:|(later)|:=- well, she couldn't see the movie. my sister and rain and i saw true stories, a talking heads movie. it was exceptionally strange. i loved it. it would have been better if kat2003 was with me...
that brings up another point. her parents don't trust her at all. while i was inviting her to the movie tonight, she mentioned that her father had said that, if i go to her house, we're not going upstairs. this is, i suppose, a social norm, but Some Parents actually present it that way. her father pretty much explicitly says "i don't trust you." that really sucks. traumatic.