A damn splendid thing to say to your boss when you have failed to do any work at all or just blurt it out in the middle of the conversation for no reason at all.

jill: Hey renster, nice weather we've been having.
renster: Yes, yes it is.
jill: So did you see that show about siberian titwillows on ABC last night?
renster: No i didn't jill, I was too busy driving large skewers through my eyesocket into my brain
jill: Oh, that's no good renster. You should see a doctor about that.
renster: Fuck you shit me jill. And your breath smells like a bucket of prawns that have been left out in the sun for a week.
jill: Gee renster I never knew you felt that way about me ... and I even backed you some choc chip cookies as well.
jill: Did you like the cookies?
renster: >peers< crazy like a fox.
jill: What?
renster: I didn't say anything.
jill: yes you did.
renster: No i didn't
jill: yes you said crazy like a fox.
renster: Did I?
jill: Yes.. it was very sexy. moves closer

Of course you could always use it to make the point that you are indeed crazy like a fox. In which case you would be pointing out how you are not cunning like a fox but instead that you have done something stupid and brainless and wish to make a joke of yourself and have others laugh at you. But who am I to tell you what to do?