Tonight, a few of my friends came over to my house for drinks. We sat outside and drank beer, wine and champagne and talked about our lives together, collective memories and good times (as well as bad). It was a great evening, enjoying the cool of a summers night. We also left open the sliding screen door of the house.

The night wound down and it wasn't until the last guest, in gracious form, had helped me clean up a little that I noticed that a marvelous assortment of bugs had gathered around the kitchen light. Mostly clinging to the kitchen ceiling - long ones, fat ones, strange ones alike flapping wings or crawling around. I peered closely, trying to minimise the glare of the ceiling lights.

My first instinct was to get rid of them. Spray them. Then I looked closer at their different features. What a marvel of God they were. Then i sprayed them and they all fell to the floor - momentarily in a state of epilepsy (as most modern insect destroying chemicals induce) - convulsing (probably in intense pain) wondering what the hell had hit them (WHY LORD!?!??! WHY!!!??).

I then knew I would enjoy a pleasant nights sleep knowing that none of these bastard bugs would invade my pleasantly intoxicating 21st century, obese (heart attack) ridden, slumber.