Ok, so why does life have to be so goddamn confusing sometimes. However, I never knew what the word confusion meant until I started dating women and, frankly, it's starting to piss me off. Now, when I say women, it's used as a term in general. Not all members of the female origan are Succubuses sent from Hell with the sole purpose of making a man's life a living shithole. Some are just hopelessly fucked in the head, with nothing better to do in life than live and act upon aimless thoughts and ideas without any sense or explanation of WHY?!? And they have the audacity to say that men are pigs? Maybe so, but if women had any sence of rationality, they might understand WHY. Maybe all they really deserve is a PIG. In my oponion, they get what they're asking for. If your not stuck in a relationship with some freak, here's a general rule. Treat your queens like whores, and your whores like queens. As with most things, there are exeptions to the rule. Throughout my lifetime I've ran into a few women who actually have a head on their shoulders, and who know what being in a relationship is all about. As a man, I say FUCK YOU to any women that thinks bitching is a priority in life. God, if anything pisses me off it is a bitchy women. Right now, sick as it is, I'm stuck living with a girl who is a fucking who knows how to do nothing but bitch and moan about everything. I could go on forever, but works over, and I'm going home to finish something that was fucked from the beginning. -Women are the personification of all that is evil. -unknown