According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified just ouside of Jerusalem's walls, at a place that is now referred to as Calvary but originally known in Aramaic as Golgotha. Christ wasn't the only one crucified at Golgotha, of course - the Romans also crucified numerous criminals, including thieves, rapists, killers, and more.

Upon death, the upright posture of the crucified criminals' bodies combined with their loss of muscle control caused their bowels and bladders to empty their contents onto the ground below. In Kevin Smith's Dogma, the resulting piles of excrement that accumulated on Golgotha conglomerated to form a living, semi-sentient being. This monster, which serves as Hell's chief assassin, is evil incarnate in fecal form, or as the thirteenth apostle Rufus puts it so tersely: "A shit demon!"

Physically, the Golgothan is a little over six feet and very bulky, and resembles a cross between Batman supervillain Clayface and the Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but with a pointy head, frog-like face, and a distinct poo-like composition. Yes, the Golgothan looks as insane as it sounds, but then, as its designer and Dogma's creature effects supervisor Vince Guastini says, "It's a hard concept to make a shit monster look believable."

In Dogma, Azrael summons the Golgothan to kill Bethany, the last Scion who has been called upon to put a stop to Azrael's evil schemes. The Golgothan, which in the original Dogma script refers to itself as NoMan (""), attacks Bethany and her companions in a strip club. After some horrifying, R-rated scatological combat, the Golgothan is defeated by Silent Bob with a can of Glade Air Freshener. "Knocks strong odors out," Bethany reads from the label.