Originally released in 2005 in their album Return in Bloodred, German power metal band Powerwolf warns us about the danger of the Cobra King. The lyrics are relatively simple, but, as one would expect from the power metal genre, the song in its entirety is epic in nature.

There are several interpretations of what the song means. In the original version, the story is about a fight between a wolf and a cobra (as depicted on the cover of the single). However, interviews with the band also reveal that either the story about the war between Romania and the Ottoman Empire, or the title was inspired during a rehearsal session when the lead singer, Atilla Dom, told a pop-up pop group to be quiet, lest they be bit by the Cobra King. The 2019 version tells the story of Eve (via the video).

Having (unfortunately) listened to the 2019 version first, I found the 2005 version far less epic and adrenaline inducing. The 2019 version though... my God, there's a workout song if there ever was one. From the almost Gregorian chant intro, to the almost tribal "Cobra! Cobra! Cobra!" thumping at the end, this song is a great ride. As power metal goes, I'm sure it's not the best or most complex song out there, but you know what, some days you just need a simple headbanger as you (carefully) drive home.