Overdubbing is the worst kind of movie censorship, in that it both patronizes the audience and insults their intelligence. When you're watching an R-rated movie and someone cusses, the censors usually have a preassembled arsenal of substitute words to dub over the cussing, sometimes in the original actor's voice, or someone who sounds like them. Such substitute words include, but are not limited to: Darn, heck, shoot, freakin, frickin, etc. The part that really bothers me about overdubbing is that only a child who has never even heard the words being substituted won't know what they're really saying. And for that matter, what is your toddler doing watching Die Hard on TBS anyway?

I prefer my censorship straight up, with just the profanity blanked out. "-------You, you------in-----" sounds way better than "Freak You, you Frickin Frick!", because people just don't talk like that. If the network is going to overtly declare that you are incapable of handling profanity in your programming, fine, I can go rent a video or whatever, but don't shit in my cornflakes and tell me it's raining, or however the saying goes. Either leave the profanity in, or take it out. But to take it out and then try to cover up the fract that you took it out demeans the programmers and the viewers.