Wow, adding my day to the grand list, how amusing :-)

Anywyas, this is the first log and, well, there's not much to add. It's Boxing Day in Canada and the stores were nuts and my parents and I (with my sister in tow) went to one of the busiest malls in Toronto. Sometimes it's good to be home.

That's it really. I'm home on vacation. In a week I'll be going back to Princeton where I am a graduate student on probation (May 15 is my magic, stay or go date).

It's strange having a good time (despite the distant girlfriend who I won't see for another week) with this great shadow threatening everything. I haven't told my parents and they're all making plans for after I graduate and here I am, trying to come to grips with the suddenlly very real possibility of not graduating at all.

Sure is a good time to worry about stupid shit.