Math problems run in and out of my head all day. Whenever I see a series of numbers, I can't help but put it into a math problem and try to solve it. That's how I came to invent my math game. Other people might play it, or do it without thinking it's a game. But I play it, so I claim it as mine.

Every time I see a bunch of numbers, usually about 5 or 6 of them, I try to turn it into an equation. I do this mostly with addresses. For instance, my address number is 24108, and I can turn this into an equation:


Now isnt that pretty. Math is art.

I also do this most commonly with times. I find that by cheating I can do it with any time in the 10th or 11th hour of the day. I will not divulge my cheating methods.

This can also be done with many other bunches of numbers, such as dates, phone numbers, social security numbers and anything else. Just a fun little game to play if you're bored and like math.