Today was one of those days for me where a lot of stuff happened for me. Little bad things occured all day, which put me in a bad, angry horrible mood.

I woke up this morning after three hours of sleep, and did not want to get up at all. I was a little late to school, and I walk up to my friends only to see my boyfriend hugging his ex-girlfriend. This in itself did not bother me, but he blew me off when I tried to talk to him, so I got angry and walked off. This created tension with him all day which could not be rectified.

AP English-We had to analyze a poem which I didn't understand. I feel dumb in this years class, which is a new phenomenon.

AP Government-I was stressed out because I didnt do an assignment, but I copied someone's so it was ok. We discussed the whole period which I enjoyed.

AP Calculus- I had to sit in the front and learn about limits. I love math, but I wasnt into it today. My teacher is so weird it makes math fun.

Aid- A nice brainless task that I get to do before lunch.

Lunch- I got to drive off-campus today, and we threw cookies at other cars so it was fun. There wasnt room at the table so I had to sit with my friend Chris alone. My "friend" Josh was yelling at me as usual and telling me the downfall and weakness of our group was all my fault. Understandably, this did not make me feel good.

AP French- We didnt do anything the whole period so it was useless. I got to talk to my friend Caroline alittle which made me feel better.

Journalism-This class is also pointless. I sit with my friends Eric and Erica and we talk "smak" about people the whole time. I feel like such a gossip. I know too many dirty things about sluts now.

After school I went to my friend Chris's house and we hung out for a while. I was really tired and tried to ignore Jesse (my boyfriend). I played pool and discussed relationships with my friend Michelle. I realized that mine wasn't working. I went home and slept the whole day, I have mono and I get really tired. I wake up to the phone ringing. It was Jesse. He tells me that "this is gay" and I didnt quite know what he meant. He goes into how our relationship isnt working, and I dont really want to hear it because I like him and I want to make things work. But we have had this discussion before, and things haven't changed. I start to realize that he was right, we were much better friends. Suddenly, for the first time all day, I am in a good mood which I find strange because the guy that I had adored for so long no longer wants to be with me. I learn today that I can accept that some things can't work no matter how hard I try. I am hurt, but I'll get over it.

The only bad thing that resonates from this day is that I have a huge rash all over my legs and hands. Most likely from the medication Im taking. alex.tan warned me, I need to learn to listen to people.