One day, a six engineers and six mathematicians were heading to a national conference together, and reasoned that taking the train would be the cheapest and most efficient way to go. Being mathemticians, the latter group didn't have much money to spare, so they told the engineers that they could all get on the train with one ticket.

"No way, you'll never get away with it!" Proclaimed one of the engineers. The engineers then bought six tickets, while the mathematicians proceeded to buy one. So they all got onto the train, and when the guy came around to take tickets, all of the mathematicians piled into the bathroom.

"Ticket, please!" said the ticketmaster after knocking on the bathroom door. He was handed one ticket, and walked away.

The mathematicians were pretty proud of themselves for proving tbe engineers wrong, so they had a good time at the conference. Then when they decided to head home, the engineers bought one ticket, because if the mathematicians got away with it why couldnt they? The mathematicians decided to go even farther with their ploy and told the engineers that they were going to get on the train with no tickets at all. The engineers couldnt believe this, no tickets at all! So they all got onto the train, and when the guy came around the engineers all piled in one bathroom and the mathematicians all piled into the one next to them. Then one of the mathematicians stuck one of his hands out of the stall and said: "Ticket, please!"


Note: You can tell I'm a mathematician, right?