I realize that I do not have a single daylog describing my life in college. Here is the start:

I woke up today with a reason. I was running late, because I had to put on my shiny red shoes. I wanted to look different. I went to my linguistics discussion and we formed our groups for the big project. I hope the people in my group like to work. Then I went to Jamba Juice, like I always do after that class. I think the immunity boosts in those smoothies is what really made me get better. Then I stood in line to get my philosophy class changed to pass/fail. I don't want to get a letter grade because I know it would be bad. After that I went and tried to study physical anthropology on a bench. It was too cold, I shivered and my hands hurt, so I went and hid in a corner in Dwinelle Hall, where my next class was.

Then...the highlight of the day, my math lecture. I sat in the same spot I always do, third row back, third from the right. I do this for a reason. A certain boy I took a fancy to sits in the rows right next to me, and I can stare at him the whole time. It was getting late, my friend Caroline showed up, we were laughing but he was still not there. What if he was going to sit somewhere else, or wasn't coming at all? I was worried. I didn't wear these shoes for nothing! But he allayed my fears and sat in the row in front of mine. I got to look at him for that whole hour and a half, and believe me in made math lecture go by a million times faster. I didn't want to point him out to my friend, but when I did she asked "Have you ever read Lord of the Flies?" Um, yea stupid question. "Because he kinda reminds me of piggy, " she added.

"He's not fat!" I exclaimed. He did kinda remind me of piggy though.

I think he looks at me too. I need to get up the guts to talk to him. Maybe thursday! I don't even know his name.

Not much excitement after that. I got lunch, saw a bitch from my old high school out the window which made me mad, and came home and slept instead of going to math lecture. I slept for longer than I wanted to, because I had a dream that Jesse was here and he wanted to talk to me and be friends again. He was being nice to me, and it made me sad, so I had to sulk and stay and bed. I don't want to miss that sonofabitch god damnit!