There is nothing better in this world than looking up at a starry night. The stars are all so far away, and we will never get to touch them. No one will ever know what those brightly burning balls of gas look like up close. But didn't we think we could when we were children? If only we could swing a little higher, kick a little harder, nothing would be out of our grasp, not even the stars. I miss those days. I can't even see the stars anymore. I moved, and the sky turned purple. I want to go back to my starry nights. Then, maybe, everything would be ok.

I could look up and know the comfort of a child. The world's troubles haven't touched me yet. I am 5, sitting outside on a warm summer night with my popsicle and innocence. I have nothing to worry about except for the clouds in the sky. I know which one is the north star. I want to touch it but I cant. Maybe when I grow up, and I can reach a little farther, then I can. But then I'm 10, and I live somewhere new. I can still swing, but the trees block the stars. Its ok, maybe tomorrow, I'll swing the other way. It's too late, Im already 16. And I live somewhere else, and we don't have a swingset anymore. But I'm with someone whom I love, and I feel like my spirits are so high that they can touch the stars. But then I'm broken, and I leave, and they do too. I can't touch the stars anymore.