I woke up today at 11:30 a.m. to the sound of a leaf-blower and a garbage truck flinging trash into its dumpsters. Damnit I wanted to sleep in today. I got up, and started to read Hamlet. I love that book, nothing like absorbing yourself in Shakespeare on a Saturday morning. Some people would consider waking up to a hang over as being more fun.

My friend Caroline called me for the third time (she had already called twice that morning but the phone was too far away to pick up). She wanted to do something, but that would have conflicted with my plans to be anti-social. So I told her I had no money and no gas (I have eight dollars to my name right now, but I dont know where my wallet is so this isnt a total lie) and couldnt do anything today. I havent received any other calls thus far.

I think at some point I was hungry. I refuse to eat left-over turkey, and I know it will be in my refridgerator for at least another month because of this. So using the honey that I stole from work, Im too cheap to buy my own, I made a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Good stuff. Maybe Ill make another one soon, I dont want to deplete my honey stock too much, but I do work tomorrow....

I plan to do nothing else today but read and do calculus. I still need to finish Hamlet.