Last night I did something I thought I would never do with Him.

I can't say it in so many words, for fear that people that know me will read this. No one gets to know, it was decided between me and Him that this would be a secret. It's for our best interest. He has this sort of girlfriend, still, the dumb bitch. She tugs Him along on a string, kisses Him in between classes and yet won't call Him her boyfriend. And she fucks Him, grrr. Not my concern though.

I got home from my game last night, academic league again, which we lost miserably. Like 100-30 or something. I don't care. My friend had to take me home, because I still don't have a car. It sucks. We went and got Mexican food and I felt sick and cold afterwards. When I got home, I heard the phone ringing. It was my friend's boyfriend who was looking for her. She wasn't there. Then the phone rang a couple minutes later. It was Him. He wanted to know why my friend's boyfriend was calling His house to ask for my number. Makes sense, although I don't know why He just didn't ask him. A feeble excuse to talk to me perhaps? We talked for a while, we do that lately.

I talked Him into coming and getting me. On one condition, this would happen. There would be pretty much only one thing that would compel Him to drive over to my house, pick me up, take me back to His house and then take me home. I don't feel much different. People say you do, maybe it was not that great. I have no emotional attachment anymore which helps alot. I almost laughed on the way home. I wrote my name on His passenger side window, while the windows were fogged up, (purely because of the weather) hoping that someone will see it next time He has someone in his car. Maybe so someone could know that there was still a me and Him, in one form or another.