It is very early in the morning and I have to go to school in a matter of hours. I dont care. I have to marvel at the previous day's occurences before I go to sleep.

I didnt go to school yesterday because I didnt want to. I wasnt going to be missing anything important anyway so why not sleep in? I woke up at 1 in the afternoon and went to practice for academic league. (Games in which other schools compete against each other. Buzz in and answer questions is the point of the game.)Then I tutored, after which I was informed that I wouldnt be needed for another two weeks. Which is ok, I didnt really like doing it anyway.

Then I wandered around for an hour and got dinner and then went to my academic league game. I almost got to play the whole time, and our team won. YAY!!!! Actually I was more excited that my favorite teacher of all time, Mr. Tuttle came to our game. He left our school last year, and I havent seen him since, so it was a very pleasant surprise. He came to eat dessert with me and my friends after the game which was very cool. I miss him.

When I got home, I checked my messages, and saw that two people had called. Neither of them left messages, and I wanted to know who called me, so I called the last person back using *69 ( a method of calling people back who have called you). He answered the phone. I couldnt believe that He called, Ive talked to Him a couple times on the internet recently but other than that any relationship between us had become non-existent. I was sad, but I had pretty much moved on. We talked for a while, about various things, and then I joked about Him coming over. Since He now had His own car, this was possible. He hung up the phone and I tried calling back a couple minutes later, but there was no answer. So I assumed He was actually coming, which He did. He picked me up in the car which I thought I would never ride in and took me to His house which I thought I would never step foot in again. And I kissed the lips that I thought I never would kiss again. He was mine again for a short time. I do not expect this to happen again but random occurences like this...could be possible.