For those that know me in person and in real life, don't worry. I'm not insane. And this is going to have to be my last day log, for reasons I will explain briefly. Well, I will write again, but they can't include Him. And I will no longer call this person Him. He isn't deity.

My weekend was ok. I went out a couple of times, which I haven't done in a while. I went to a thing for UC Santa Barbara, which was interesting. I might go there, I'm really unsure right now. I think I'm going to visit there and UC Berkeley to decide. I worked, and saw a school play too.

Last night I was online, and Jesse came on. I hadn't talked to him since thursday and since I've been busy all weekend I didn't have a chance to call him. I said hey, even though he always says it first. We talked for a couple minutes, and then he said he had the answer to the question I asked him. Which was basically about us getting back together. He said no. I didn't really care, I mean I was actually planning on backing off anyway and letting him decide things for himself. I asked him how he came to this decision. He said

I suppose he had read everything I wrote on here about him. I didn't think he would care enough to read it so I never have discretion when I node about things we do or how I feel. I had tried so hard to not tell anyone in real life about us and then he yells at me for writing about it on here. I have to tell someone I guess, he thinks that I can't keep my mouth shut, it's always something that causes us to say we'll never speak again. But of course we talked later that night, and I promised him that I wouldn't write about him anymore. So this is it. Of course he said we wouldn't have anything to write about, but I know how that always goes.