Lust is more powerful than love. That animal instinct, that need for sexual fulfilment, overcomes the need to satisfy the heart. This is not how it should be, but reality is immoral. Love and lust should be one, they shouldn't be interchangeable. A body should be no more precious or revered than the soul.

If this is false, then why so many empty relationships? Why all the pain because love didn't triumph over all? There is so much apathy and spite, love's scorn can take its toll but it never calms the wandering eye.

I am lust in a battle between these two powerful forces. I am lust to my love, he loves another. He cannot choose, and it's destroying everything. If he loved, would he not lust for another? If I loved, would I let lust not be enough? These are fundamental questions to be faced and answered.

What is lust? This is an indescribable force that causes the weak to do ineffable things. It opaques the mind, the senses become more awake but the conscience remains asleep.

Not like love. Love is beautiful. It pleases the soul. It should be enough, it should be treasured.

Love and lust cannot be calculated, if one ould find the answer to both, then they could be integrated into one force instead of two destructive ones.