I decided today that I would be a good person.

I did many things that normally I wouldn't have the patience or motivation to do. I was nice to my brother, I went and got him dinner and helped him with his science project. My brother recently did something that caused me much pain and pretty much screwed up my life for a little while (he told my ex that I keep breaking into his e-mail account, which did not go over well AT ALL to say the least). But I decided to put that all in the past, and be nice to my brother. It's not worth it for me to be a bitch to him. I also asked my mom if she needed help around the house, I never talk to her, let alone offer her help.

I also am genuinely glad that my best friend is going on a date tonight. With my last best friend, I was always jealous that she had a boyfriend and tried to break her and the guy up because I was afraid of being alone. Now I want my new best friend to be happy, I don't have anyone romantically but I want her to have someone. I realize that I cannot have people all to myself and I cannot smother them with my own insecurities about being lonely. I hope it goes well for her...

I looked at Jesse today and saw his kissing his girlfriend that just took him back. I laughed at the absurdity of it all, and haven't talked to him since Sunday. I doubt I ever will. I am happier than I have been in a while because he is not in my life. I went into Mcdonalds to get my brother a Big Mac, and the girlfriend was working. She gave me a dirty look and one of her co-workers, my friend, gave me a look which made me think she said something about me while I was there. I hold no contempt for her at all, it's a waste of my time.

It's too bad that some people can't get past things. Life is so much easier and happier when one has no regret or remorse.