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Slang : ready.

Location: (39 º 06’ 94 º 35’)
KC - Ks - USA - NA - Terra - Sol

I am a Kansan, an American, a Microserf slave, a Macintoy player, a Linux newbie, mostly a libertarian, vastly ignorant, a sinner, a pervert, mostly harmless, sometimes irritating, sometimes white trash, not a terrorist, not a nazi, not a zionist, and not 31337. I am not a racist, I hate everyone equally. I also am an equal opportunity fucker, everyone should have sex with whomever they want.

I adore any history (specifically modern history, the middle ages and ancient history) and any science (specifically the history of physics, the science of plasma, and a bit of cosmology). I have a proclivity towards electronics, robotics (inparticular BEAMbots) and amatuer radio sciences. I like the sports of hacky sack (the footbag game) and North American Football (inparticular, the NFL and Kansas City Chiefs). Some personal heros of mine include Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, James Clerk Maxwell, and William Rowan Hamilton.