Well this past week has been hell. It has been a week since my accident. I still don’t know how I got out of there with just one bruise, maybe there is some internal damage but I cant feel it oh well you got to die some day right. Well lat night I went with clearpebbles to a tattoo parlor to get some ink done. She made me look like a pussy with what she got. I got the soulfly symbol on my neck its not that big it took the guy about an hour and half to do it. Hers took way more than mine so she took more pain than me. Then today I shaved my head *shrug* I miss my hair. My Afro I had been growing it for like 9 months (I guess it was time for new hair to be born) now but I decided to get rid of it. Well that’s about all for today and I agree with pebbles cure's poetry is not that bad.