Last week was hell for me. I felt like shit because I was a jerk. That caused me to lose one of the persons who I treasure very much. My E2 account went to hell but luckly I got that back. and just 2 days ago as I was on my way to work my front whell bearing gives out, I got so hot in that little space that the grease began to boil and melt it then it welded itself to my axel and causeing my wheel to lock. Shit did that suck I had to towe my car home it would of been like about 100 bucks. But I decided to try to unlock the wheel and I did so I drove home and fucked up my car even more. Now I need a new axel and a new spindel, this is going to cost me close to about 300 dollars lucky for me i have an old car, on a new car or atleast a car from the 80 this would run you like about 1000 bucks that is money I dont have.