Well last night I was at a friend’s house clearpebbles is the name. I was there in her room watching some anime and voting up some people’s w\u. I looked at her ropero (Spanish don’t know what you call them in English) and I saw the drumstick I gave her. This wasn’t an ordinary drumstick you see I went trough allot of pain to get it. This drumstick was signed by all the members of a punk band called strung out they were touring with papa roach. It was the end of there set and the drummer threw the sticks out to the crowd and well me being six foot three had the height advantage and got it but shit the pain from all those short people hitting me so I could drop it sucked I was getting elbows to the spine and fist hitting my hand bruises were the result but it was all good. I didn’t let her know I was going to give it to her so all though the show I had it in my pants it hurt because it was splintered from were he would hit the cymbals and it was stabbing my tummy. After the show we went to the back were the band has their busses and well they were giving out autographs and well I got them to sign this drumstick. After that we went home we dropped off one of our friends and headed home. As soon as we got to her house I got off and opened the gate so she can go in she went in her car and I got my stuff. I looked at her and then down she saw me look at her and it was one of those I like you looks yea you know the ones so I look at her and then the drumstick and I say here I got this for you. She said “no I see the pain you go trough to get the stuff you get at concerts and its yours you got it” I said but this I got it for you and she said Rey no you got not me and I said I am just going to leave it here and that was that. She did take it but I never heard a thank you from her. I wonder why.