Yeah, this is the kind of thing that amuses me., a social bookmarking site, looked like the next big thing for some time in the mid-2000s, just before Facebook and Twitter took over. These days, has basically been rendered obsolete through reddit, I guess.

I signed up over there with the same regrettable handle I still use here. In case you are lucky enough to never have witnessed it, RealPlayer was a horrible, horrible software that was inexplicably popular in the early 2000s. The program basically tried to invade your PC with advertisements for the benefit of being able to playback awful-looking, tinny-sounding video content.

Like many others, I stopped using around 2008, when the site was bought by Yahoo, and renamed "delicious". More recently, I became morbidly curious about the snapshot of a previous internet life my old bookmarks would provide me with. But my bookmarks didn't exist anymore.

It had actually happened - Real Networks had taken over my account without notice. And that was literally all they had done; slap their RealPlayer logo on it, and leave an otherwise empty profile. They were too lazy to even bookmark their own website.

So, let me sum this up - an obsolete account on an obsolete website got taken over by an obsolete company to promote their obsolete program, and they didn't even try to make the effort of taking my account look like anything but - you guessed it - obsolete.