"Lieblingsfarbe" is the German word for "favorite color". Directly translated the compounded noun means "darling color". It is actually kind of cute when you think about it. "Lieblingsfarbe" is perhaps the most common, but just like you can have a favorite of almost anything, Germans may have darlings of nearly everything: a darling dish (Lieblingsgericht), a darling car (Lieblingsauto), or even a darling sexual position (Lieblingsstellung).

The less common those darlings are, the stranger they may sound even to a native ear out of context, if the situation is not clear: For example, "darling bowl" (Lieblingsschüssel) may sound a bit odd until you know it's a bowl with a special motif owned by someone who collects porcelain, a child's preferred bowl to eat out of - or perhaps a present from your Lieblingsmensch (darling human, or favorite person)!