The best damn fast-food restaurant in El Paso, or anywhere, for that matter.

There are, sadly, only four Chico's Tacos locations: on Alameda, Montana, Dyer, and McRae streets in sunny El Paso, Texas. Quality varies widely between locations; I personally prefer the one on Dyer (probably because I spent the better part of my childhood there, requesting Pantera on the jukebox and playing Mortal Kombat... but I digress). The one on Alameda is kind of gross.

The secret of Chico's Tacos is the heaping handful of grade-D government cheese they're buried under. The "secret sauce" is just tomato. Take it easy with the green chile sauce... a tiny dab is all you need, trust me.

As far as "painful runs," nothing like that has ever happened to me, though I do have a friend who got ringworm from walking into Chico's barefoot. YMMV.

Oh yeah... Chico's is open 24/7, and is always packed, especially after the bars close. Be prepared to wait in line.