day 2.. here's the windup!

we all knew someone who knew someone who knew someone that was involved. its like the kevin bacon game. whats your 'Bin Laden' number? mine is three. do I hear a two? or a one?

as the body count rises, i can't help but think of what will happen next. NATO has full support of any retaliation, and we already have a top 50 wishlist of people to get...

"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld taped a message to U.S. troops: 'More -- much more -- will be asked of you in the weeks and months ahead. This is especially true of those who are in the field.'"

If you have a loved one in the armed forces, please go today and spend time with them, while you still can. Tell them "I love you" and "I care about you"...

Oh, how I wish I could hug my 4 year old sister right now and tell her that everything will be alright.. everything will be alright.. i don't want to lie to her though. tears may be the only way to get my point across.