There's nothing "Ching" about this node. Its what happened January 22, 2002 in my life.

They found Andrew last night..

No one had seen him since January 18, 2002. DPS made a welfare call, no answer... They keyed into the room.

I'm sure the odor hit them first, the kind that can mean nothing except the lack of life.

Everyone came. ASU police, Tempe Fire Department, news crews, residents, the director of Residential Life, all the hall directors...... me....

I'm only the lead desk assistant. I am in charge of what happens at our front desk. Andrew was one of my DA's.

Shouldn't I be more emotional? I played worms with the guy, for heaven's sake... He always came on to work the desk after I did on Tuesday nights. "Andrew, you need to forward the mail." "Andrew, your work comes before your computer games and your guitar."

How much the course of your life can just end like that. Sideswiped, overdosed, shot. No choice, no chance, no mercy.. I thank God every day for the life that he has given me, and I pray that I don't lose it to another's mistake, let alone my own poor choices.