gunsel or gonzel; gonzel; guncel; guntzel; gunzl
early 1900 hoboes & prison slang, from German/Yiddish "ganzel" (gosling)
  1. the passive partner in anal intercourse.
  2. a young, inexperienced male homosexual.
  3. (prison slang) a passive boy kept by another inmate.
  4. A sexually vulnerable boy or young man ; catamite = punk.

Compiled from Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary (

Also, another mildly amusing example of what the writeup above describes, would be the 1982 film Hammett, directed by Wim Wenders and starring Frederic Forrest as Dashiell Hammett. It is based on a novel of the same name by Joe Gores (unread by me) and intermingles several episodes and characters originating from Hammet's novels with Hammett's real life (on the verge of becoming a writer he does a favor to his former boss at the Pinkerton detective agency). One of the scenes has an entire dialogue between Hammett and another character about the original meaning of the word gunsel (young/passive homosexual) versus the perceived meaning (gun-toting gangster).