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It's pretty fucked up that I feel like I have to apologize for being a college professor but that's what I am so just let it go. I published a book of short stories that won some prizes and got some love from the NY Times but haven't published anything else in a long-ass time. I read a lot of crap writing from students that pretty much saps my spirit. Interested to see what I'll find here, hopefully not a lot of crap about zombies and vampires and worn-out hero worship stuff where one man stands alone and the characters have tropey names and speak a smart-ass version of Old English. I'm dubious, but that's pretty much about everything, always. I've already read some smart, interesting stuff here. I like to cook while watching Archer. I've seen every episode of Archer no less than 15-20 times and I've never once fast-forwarded through the opening credits. I spend a lot of time in Brazil. It kicks ass there except Portuguese is a hard motherfucker to learn and I wish they spoke Spanish instead. So, you know, how's it going and stuff?