Nothing much happened today, I was only reassured in the existence of Fate.

My high school prom was on Friday night, and afterwards a bunch of my friends went down to Wildwood for the weekend with mischief and mayhem in mind. I myself couldn't go. I knew for a couple weeks that I couldn't go because I had SAT IIs today (blah). Anyway, it was proposed to me that maybe I could come down later, after all the, party won't stop ragin'. Well, I still couldn't cause I had no car and no money. And when I really thought about it, I couldn't go for the further reason that I have a doctors appointment Monday which requires a urine sample, so I couldn't possibly have anything to drink. Basically I was screwed every way I turned. And I started to wonder if all this wasn't for a specific reason, but what could be so important to keep me away from my friends and a good time? Fate better have something really good up her sleeve, or I'm gonna be seriously pissed.