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Essence of opium
dope, boom-boom.
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Once,a dog. Now I blog,live in fog,and am a hog on heroin...But absolut essence, using heroin is, well,overdosing on essence... The scent has notes of orange,rotten meat,futility,coriander,paper and lemon vomit sauce.

Essence is the attribute or set of attributes that make an object or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it is by necessity, ...Is there some thing unAmerican in the opinion that we are all JUNKIES?

drugs,television, opium,gasoline,heroin,war,morphine,coffee,sex,violence,etc... artists have tried the essence of heroin's allure. ...Drugs are vibrational remedies from the angelic realm. Includes angelic, shamanic essences for the people, animals and environments. Introduction to substance use and interdependence on each other, causes physical, mental, emotional,and social good.

There is no flat side...The wind has no point of attack!

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