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Make it through the day without bulshitting anyone.
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Big time mainframe nerd. little stuff interesting and fun to fuck around with, but the serious computing that needs done happens where the MTBF for a processor approaches 100 years.

Father of one(1) Husband of Andrea, Brother and uncle and great uncle.

Work on the Dark Side (two toned hissing sound inserted here) supporting software sales as a moderately well paid nerd preventing the marketing reps from making promises I can't keep. They try and shut me up when contracts are the topic. It's a love/hate relationship, I love the technology/hate the way we have to whore ourselves to the almighty sales quota. Love the perqs of travel/hate being away from my family. Am I divided? Fuckin A I am. No choice, it pays the bills. On the side I occasionally get inspired slash frustrated and write about it.

Here we go again, down the rabbit hole.