Game, similar to hide and seek, best played in a humongous crowded school playground.
(Although nightclubs work too)


What you need:

Rules of The Game:
  • counter counts to 100.
  • Runners leg it into busy playground.
  • Counter goes off hunting the runners.
    He has to set eyes on them, get back to the mobbing post and say the Holy Words:
    "Mob runner's name 1 2 3 "
  • The runner now comes over to the mobbing post, and you carry on until all lthe runners are caught.

The way to win as a runner is to beat the counter back to the post, and utter the Words Of Vengeance:
"Mob counter's name 1 2 3, save all."

Runners who manage this are instant heroes; rescuing previously caught runners in this manner usually means you get to go to their birthday party.
(Or go out with their sister, depending how flash they are).