A fucking amazing movie. I don't know what else to say. I just saw it on the big screen at this little artsy movie theater down the street, and it just blew me away. I am still shaking. I think it was so powerful because in the theater, you are totally immersed in the movie (if you have a nice, quiet audience). The people in the movie are >= life sized. It is like you are there.

This is not to downplay the intrinsic power of the film. It would be incredible anywhere, anytime. But I guess my point is that this movie, rather than some techno-wonder over-hyped action extravaganza, really made me appreciate the power of the big screen to amplify you movie experience.

Seeing kessenich's post over there reminded me of something. The film takes place in PA, and as you can imagine from the title, there is quite a bit of deer hunting. Now I come from "back East", and let me tell you, there are no mountains like the ones in the movie in PA. So I stayed in the theater through all of the credits. And sure enough, they thanked Estes National Park or something, which is in freaking Colorado. Now that is cool, and I like the Rockies, but what the hell, the Appalacians are neat in their own way. The more I think about it, the more it grates me that they didn't shoot the hunting scenes in the Appalacians. I have hunted a lot in the Appalacians and it is a much closer feel than that portrayed in the film. Well, whatever. Maybe the director wanted the breath taking vistas of the Rockies or something.

BTW, kessenich, you definitely should check this film out.