A very tasty Japanese beer. It comes in cans that seem like they're absolutely huge the first time you have one (22 fluid ounces). After a while you get used to it. The can's metal walls are quite thick, and also of a somewhat unusual design, so it's pretty much impossible to crush a can with your bare hands (unless you're The Hulk or Mr. T, of course). The alcohol content isn't particularly high, but thanks to the large size, you will feel the effects one can.

Of course, it is available in the standard-issue bottles as well. For whatever reason, it is more commonly available in the large cans, at least in Baltimore.

Sapporo, like Asahi, is very dry and clean tasting, and actually quite refreshing. It is excellent with virtually any kind of sushi. Another good use for it is to drink it while soaking in a tub with a cigarette, or just drinking it on the front stoop in the evening.

Asahi isn't quite as good, in this writers opinion, but Asahi makes up for it by being available cans that seem more like small kegs (hey, I'm American: more is better).