Kompressor is the alternate name of "Andreas K.", of Kompressor in Action fame. Personally I'm a bit skeptical that Andreas K. is anyone's real name, or that anyone involved with Kompressor is, in fact, German. It doesn't really matter, because K is for Kompressor.

Kompressor lives in Ohio, pursuing a career in making the best techno (and children's music) the world has ever heard (most successfully, I might add).

Kompressor only appears whilst wearing a truly freaky mask, hiding his true identity. This leads to some rather amusing music videos, when innocent bystanders are suddenly faced with a someone who is obviously completely insane, wearing something that would frighten small children, thrashing behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz to some German techno.

See the Kompressor in Action node for a (relatively) full discography. Some of my personal favorites are K is for Kompressor, Midnight Rendezvous, Kompressor Want To Get With You, and Kompressor Logik, which is one any EE-type should enjoy.