Well ... Another sunday, I have just come back from the bar after working. I got a little drunk last night. I had a pint of cider, a shot of 'the all black' and a cocktail with vodka, rum, tequila and kahlua in it. Which was nice. the cat then attacked me three times. having bitten me twice and clawed me once, I threw it off the bed and went to sleep in the spinning room.
I haven't got a hangover fortunately, but im getting paranoid because a light is behind me and its casting my shadows down onto the keyboard, and I keep thinking there is someone behind me.
At the bar I spoke to my sister about my 'relationship' with nine9. She took it remarkably well, she said how 'it is ok to experiment and explore'. Which is very good. I thought she would be rather shocked or be very questioning. Oh well ... Im off to wait for nine9 to come online, although he is very busy. I dont want to stop him from working. Ill write a letter to him and send the one I have already written to dizzy.