Well as I sit here at my computer in the front room. It is dark outside and all is still at 2:20am. I speak with my one love that is nine9. And the converstions flow from one to another like leaves in a breeze. I say the words 'I love you' and he sheds a tear for me. And I wait until the morning for when I wake up. I can return to my place, to my love. Where we can rejoin our conversation. Muttering the words of love.

2:20pm. 12 hours later and I take my dog for a walk. As I walk down the road, not one car drives past to break the silence. I walk past the house where the jack russels live. They stay silent and watch me wander by, staying silent, saving their words for another day.
I climb into the field, the wind blows cool onto my face, running through my hair. As I walk past the trees, they breathe in and out as the wind dances between the branches. The leaves clinging on, yet wanting to be released to be free.
I Throw my frisbee for my dog as far as I can so that I can be alone once again. The wind carrying it in its breeze, yet he returns to my side. I look up to the sky to see the clouds moving across toward the horizon. I walk slow, every step I take, savouring the moment.

Its like everywhere knows I am falling in love