I think I have finally recovered. I had been out to a party last night and I got absolutely wasted. Admittidly I was already reather tipsy after the 3 ciders ... but then I drank 3/4's of a jug of something ... and I say something, as I dont know what it was. Bucko had dared me to drink it ... and I had a sip. It didnt taste too bad, but of course that is the effect of being drunk. Thinking back to it now just makes me feel ill, as it was brown and mushy. So I tipped me head back and went for it... Dreamwalker and Bucko raising there cans and bottles cheering. I have just found out that the ingredients were: cough medicine, malibu, apple juice, Lager, beer and Vodka

The next thing I know is that I have been carried outside by about 4 people, dumped on the grass... from where I stumbled up to my feet and threw up all over the drive :) I went back inside and wandered around watching people laugh at my drunken stumblings ... so I went up to the upstairs toilet, sat down on the floor and phoned kat ... and then again ... and again (The signal was so poor).

Then I find myself lying down in a room with a computer in :) ... I felt ok there. There was a guy on the phone telling me to shut up as I was jibbering some nonsense to him. I stood up and walked back into the kitchen, where I find bucko. He passes me my phone and says 'Ive rang your mum to tell her that you are stopping' Most of the people had gone, so I returned back to the now half full room and sat on the broken bed. We went on the internet and were looking at lots of pr0n sites, with the protest of the only female in the room heard slightly in the background... 'It's disgusting'

This is where someone had found some hair mascara (wtf?) They tried to pin me down and put it in my hair but I resisted. So williams had it put in his hair, he had 3 different coloured stripes and it stood out like a hooker in a church. They turned to me and completely covered my head with the bronze coloured one... I vaguely remember phoning nine9 ... and then I stayed the night. Woke up in the morning to find someone had put a hammer through the roof, stolen a crate of wine, a bottle of whisky, champagne and the kitchen clock ... :(