in the modified words of Martin Luther King...I had a dream.
Well it all started and I was walking down a school corridor and going in different rooms and looking round at various departments, like an open day. I then went into the geography department and we all sat down and looked at a screen where an overhead projecter was playing various shots and clips. This got very tedious, so i prominantly left with a friend of mine called Simon.
We were going up and down stairs and into other various rooms until we went outside and there was a few other of my friends there. These were Jamie, Gilly and Bucko. Jamie ran up to me and pulled off one of my limbs which just so happened to be an American football. The three of them were passing it about and I was trying to regain it. I then rugby tackled Jamie and he was writhing on the floor in agony.
so after making sure that he was ok. I headed off the field with my limb attached. We then met up with some people and started to play Football, all of the people we met with were dressed with bright orange and then I woke up cos I was running out of breath and needed my inhaler.