Last night I had a dream. Some people may say it was a nightmare but it wasnt scary. I am half arachnaphobic meaning I dont like spiders any bigger than a 10 pence peice.Anyway, I dreamt that I was sitting at the computer and IRC'ing on #everything and other various channels I go on. And a spider started crawling around the room. It was about the size of a plate. An ordinary sized plate for sandwiches. It had legs that were like a stripped blackbirds feather. As the spider was walking around the room at very high speeds, its legs made tapping sounds on where it walked. Then it climped up my leg and entered my mouth. I couldn't breathe properly and started choking and gagging. Then the spider got into my head and its legs pierced my skin so that they pertruded outward. Then they went in again. I could feel the spider crawling beneath my skin. The legs then pierced in a different place, then another. My skin started to rip and split, and a bright light eminating from the inside of my body beamed out as my skin was ripped further and further and my body exploded.