Well, It all started off when I was in a building with 4 corridors coming off the hall where I was standing in. The carpet was a light brown, and so were the walls. There were lots of people around and there were potted plants in the middle of the room next to some green plastic chairs. I was standing with my friends, Rishi, Steven and Vaughan.I first went off with Vaughan, We were walking around down the corridor, It was a university open day, All of the doors were steel and blue like a cell in a police station. We went into a room. Vaughan immediately started chatting to the girl who was in there. I was just sitting there looking at some things on the shelf. a blue snow dome and an alien model. We then proceded out of the room and back down the corridor to Rishi and Steve.

Then I fell over purposely and lay on my back with my hands on my face, I sat up into a hunched seated postion on the floor and looked up at my friends looking at me in a strange way. I looked at steve and asked if he was gonna come on a walk.

As we ran down the corridor following my two other friends, Neil and Harley. We came into a tall room. on the left wall was a ramp, and on the opposite wall was a blue slide with a loop the loop on it. A kid went down it sitting in a little car but wasn't allowed to go around the loop the loop. The next kid was 4 so he was, but didnt make it. The next kid did a whole loop the loop and carried on toward the end of the slide, he gracefully went over a high gap around 2 foot wide and landed in the car on a ramp the opposite side.

Me and steve wandered up the ramp toward a door in the wall. This is where I thought we were going to go. However Neil and Harley went across a beam that ran along the roof of the building. I followed them in excitement.

Someone from below us called up and shouted at us to get down because weren't meant to be up there. Harley lost his balance and fell off the beam, he hit his back on a canoe that was tied up onto the roof. This sent him into a spin, he did lots of sideway spins, spread his arms out like a spread eagle, and landed perfectly. Richard Peel then took a run up, did a dive straight toward the floor and also landed perfectly on his feet. Then people were urging me to jump too, I slowly looked over the edge and woke up.