I was in the 6th form room at our school. A lot of people were there and clogging up the little corridor leading off from it. There was a table set up with lemon curds and jam tarts on. People were huddled around it eating. In true adventure game style, I had found myself in a situation where I have just woken up and there is lots happening. I decided that I would go outside, so I made my way out to the front door with my friend Mark.
A car was reversing fast along the road by the side of the school ... It did a 360 degree turn just skimming a parked car. My mate Rishi climbed out of the drivers seat with a content look on his face. At that moment a guy called out to him, as he needed his help to carry something. Rishi walked down toward us carrying a big white shelf stack on his shoulder. We helped him and took it off him, thus bringing ourselves into helping carry the rest of the 6 or 7 shelves.
We then proceeded inward back to the crowded 6th form room, where we found Bucko celebrating at his new find down at the local metro. He had found pies for 'buy 1 get 14 free' (I wish). So people hurried out to go and buy them all, leaving a table of half eaten cakes, and a corridor still full of a few people.

I wandered into a room leading off the corridor and slumped up against the wall, when a girl walked in. She had short blonde hair and was about up to my eyes in height. She walked up to me and started to talk to me. She obviously liked me, and I liked her. Then another girl walked in, she was a brunette and her hair went just past her shoulders, I was attracted to her more than the blonde girl, but I had decided that being as the blonde girl was the first to walk in I would have to stay attracted to her (Why oh why... im so dim in some dreams)
The blonde girl proceeded to kiss me on the lips. the brunette came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my neck loosely and kissing me on the back of my neck. This was the best time of my life, we were kissing each other passionately for a long time.
We wandered out of the room into the corridor where Jamie was, he had advised me to go to my lesson because I was already 30 minutes late and we were having a test ... but I couldnt leave this great moment. Eventually my friend Ben came and pulled me apart from the girls, he dragged me outside so that we could make our way toward the maths lesson.

I was yelling at Ben and his friends for pulling me apart with the girls, but it wasn't going to do anything helpful. My shoe flew off in their direction (from a kicking movement). I tried to run toward it but was slow, and they picked it up .. I was now walking with one shoe and one sock on the wet road as I tried to regain my shoe.
We walked down toward maths further, taking ages as I was slowing us up trying to convince them that I needed my shoe. Eventually they gave me something back, but it wasnt a shoe. It was a chewed up lolly stick, which I proceeded to wrap up in a rizla (whether I intended to smoke it or anything I dont know). I entered the maths room and apoligised to the maths teacher, who told me to sit down and get on with what we were doing. I sat down and woke up