Im REALLY happy today ... im in a VERY good mood ;). It has been an interesting day. Lots of wierd stuff and good happy jumping for joy stuff has happened.

Wierd stuff:

  1. I was working in the bar. and a lady in a wheelchair came in. She waited at the bottom of the steps in the middle of the room. I approached her and she wanted me to lift her and the wheelchair up the steps...riiight
    ok I had been working on my muscles but damn!, I'm not superman. I got a few people to help me and I tried to lift her up. I failed, in the end a group of people had managed to lift her up.

  2. Also in the bar I was walking back to the bar with an empty plate where somene had had some nacho's. In the centre was a pot with some barbecue sauce on it. A man then lifted the pot off and tried to push it onto the end of my nose, I had got lots of glasses and walked away leaving him with the pot.
    My sister had seen the whole event and when the man asked to be served, she refused on the basis that he was too drunk ... which he was.

Man What do you mean? .. im not drunk ... look (tries to touch end of nose and fails)
Sister you obviously are
Mike You heard her, she isnt going to serve can have coke if you want but no alcohol.
Man Fuck you ya fucking puff
Mike *Storms round the bar, grabs man by the neck and pulls him outside... friends follow*

The man then proceded to try and throw punches at Mike... but failed, the police then turned up ... he tried the same with the police and was escorted away.

As you all may know now, me and nine9 are in love so much, we think about each other all day and we just love each other so much and want to be together...
Today we decided that we will be meeting each other on saturday the 13th of January. It is currently 33 days away, I have started my third song for him titled Thirty3 ;) and I will complete the tape in time for christmas as a present ;) ... OOH yeah im also phoning him again tomorrow

Mark I love you

It is now the morning ... kind of, and I told my friend Neil about the situation between me and Mark. This is rather good, Neil was the one that threatened to kill me if I was serious. But this time he took it well and just said he didnt mind too much because I am his mate. Although it would take some getting used to.
So now I have stopped sweating and can be less afraid of the secret getting to him now ... as it is out.