The person you opened the door for who didn't even look at you to recognize that you did them a favor. The person who cuts into your lane almost hitting you, swerves back, and then looks at you like your the asshole for staying in your lane. The person who ruins something of yours and then comes up with a reason why it is your fault,

"Why didn't you put a sign on it so I would know not to touch it."

"What? Huh, oh I am sorry I guess I should count on your stupidity everytime I do something that you could easily mess up by being dumb!"

What the hell is happening to people these days. It seems more and more that I meet dumb, rude, or naive people. I walk through the AM/PM and I see people coming out with their hands full, so I hold the door. Now I don't really expect a thank you, but they walk right by like I am a door stop. No glance to acknowledge me, no thank you, nothing! I am sorry if my parents tought me that when somebody does anything for you that they didn't have to do, you atleast acknowledge what they did. Now many people might say that I am merely over reacting, but damnit I am tired of attitudes of the people I come across in my day to day life. Say thank you, let the person in front of you merge, help the old woman in the wheelchair stand up, be civilized and do one nice thing for one person. It won't kill you (contrary to popular belief).

It isn't just the rude things people do that bug me, but also the level of intelligence the average person displays. The other day I took an old tire and filled it with concrete, in the center I placed a chain deep in the concrete with about two links coming out of the top. I then suspened the chain with a length of rope to keep it from drying into the top of the concrete. Now this is in my garage and the concrete is curing, usually takes about 72 hours for concrete to cure. A friend comes over and we are showing him around the new house, I take him into the garage and the first thing, I mean first thing he does is walk up to the rope, says "What's this" with a non-cloakely chuckley and proceeds to give the rope a sturdy yank. He has just pulled my chain out of half dry concrete, thanks! Now, oh well it was an accident, and yes I did give a look like "what the hell." I wasn't really mad, he didn't mean to but this is what he said to me.

"Man, you should have but a don't touch sign on it."

All I could think at that point was, "No, you shouldn't go around touching every little thing just because you don't know what it is. You are 21 not 3, right?" He didn't say "sorry that was my fault", he gave me a reason my it was mine. Couldn't he have just taken credit, no responsibility for his actions. I see that more and more these days, people not taking responsibility. What gives, just say I screwed up.

What is going on that people are acting the way they do. Nobody respects the common stranger unless they are scared of him or her. The level of intelligence seems to grow smaller each year. I mean, we are in the 20th century not the 3rd. We as a civilization are supposed to be growing, or something, right?

It is enough to make me want to node about it! Gahhhhh. I am not trying to say I am smarter or more polite than everyone else out there, but I make attempts. I know where my hands should and shouldn't be and I don't need somebody walking behind me saying "Don't touch that" or "Say thank you." I did when I was five. Do you?